At the cradle of our culture and healing arts in Ancient Greece (5th century BC) we find in the tradition of Hippocrates many important sources of a subtle-energetic art of healing and ancient wisdom teachings.

The medicine of Greek antiquity was based on the highest, divine ideal of health: Hygeia, the goddess and personification of health. 

According to the Hippocratic tradition it is the feminine principle, which transfers the male quality into the utmost state. It is the most subtle "water" and the most tender "fire", which form the healthiest constitution and therefore create the state that is closest to Hygeia. Within this subtle mixture, the mystery of Hygeia reveals itself as healing is accomplished through this highest Hygeia principle.

We also find these dual aspects of subtle healing in the double-snake rod. It symbolises the central energy channel, often depicted also as the "tree of life". Male and female power complement each other and work through the different energy levels within the energy centres and ensure the energy’s flow. It also reflects, that the path of healing is always a path of personal growth and spiritual development. 

Unfortunately, these ancient wisdom teachings have largely been lost in our European culture. Today, we benefit from reconnecting to this subtle-energetic art of healing and ancient wisdom teachings that promote a holistic approach to health and life. 

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