ESTIA Sfakiá strives to implement sustainable tourism with a regionally co-ordinated development that preserves local tradition, promotes healthy living and protects nature.

At ESTIA Sfakiá we commit ourselves to the idea of sustainability by:

  • minimising negative social, economic and environmental impacts,        
  • increasing the health and well-being of residents and guests in the region,
  • making sustainable decisions with locals about our lives, traditions and nature,
  • making positive contributions to the preservation of the diverse natural and cultural heritage,        
  • providing visitors with interesting and enriching experiences through contacts with the local population and a greater understanding of local, cultural and social issues,
  • being culturally empathetic, encouraging respect between visitors and locals, living cultural mindfulness and promoting regional pride and self-confidence and
  • acquainting visitors with the history of the region, its tradition and architecture, the local diet and the secrets of nature and their healing powers, encouraging them to perceive themselves more as responsible travellers respecting the cultural and historical conditions of unspoiled traditional villages and protect and preserve the breathtaking nature.

Holistic Healing Centre  -  Chora Sfakion  -  73011 Sfakia  -  Crete  -  Greece

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