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Greek Mythology is one of most precious treasures of mankind. A world of its own. A rich pool of adventurous stories full of fantasy, suspense, passion, jealousy, betrayal and ostensibly inexplicable violence. And yet, this magical world has so much more to offer to anyone who is willing to dig deeper. 

MYTHOS life lessons displays the lesson to learn hidden behind these mythological tales we all learned to love. You will discover immortal archetypes, deep wisdom and life lessons designed to help you grow and reach the next stage in your life. Just as the ancient Greeks used mythology to understand the cosmos, so too does MYTHOS life lessons help you to create a sense of coherence in this increasingly complicated modern world.

Interactive Mythology

With MYTHOS life lessons we have created a form of creative arts therapy using elements of drama, dance and movement therapy. It encompasses active, improvisational or comprehending activities such as acting, dancing and writing in individual or group sessions as well as the receptive perception of mythology, music, dance, visual arts and poetry. MYTHOS life lessons uses interactive methods like case study, role playing, storytelling and others in order to transfer the myths into a coherent set of insightful MYTHOS life lessons.

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