Individual and cultural connection

We founded the Holistic Healing Centre ESTIA Sfakiá to create a space within which a connectedness between people and cultures, between body and soul can arise. 

We believe that we are at a point in history, when, more than ever, we need to understand, embody and thus establish this connectedness. First we need to connect to ourselves by connecting body and soul. Then we can connect to one another, establishing a link between people and cultures, creating a new cultural archetype, that centres the human being. 

Our aim is to reconnect to, promote and maintain Greek healing tradition within the framework of a holistic healing centre that respects the principles of healthy life and community needs. We focus on facilitating each individual to regain sovereignty over health and life.

Focus on the human being

Combining the achievements of contemporary methods of treatment with the elements of Ancient Greek healing arts, we created a place to offer a variety of treatments, all inspired by the philosophy and teachings of Ancient Greece. Besides the treatments we offer a variety of practices, all enlightened by elements of Ancient Greek healing tradition, as the Ancient Greeks were leaders in holistic thinking, viewing the world from an integrated point of view. 

Furthermore, as a licensed travel agency, ESTIA Sfakiá implements sustainable tourism that preserves and promotes healthy living and protects nature. We strive to support and accompany you on your healing journey.

Savina  &  Thomas Chamalidis

Holistic Healing Centre  -  Chora Sfakion  -  73011 Sfakia  -  Crete  -  Greece

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