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The Flower of Life represents the origin of all things through sacred geometry. The collaboration of numbers, shapes and vibration belongs to the oldest symbols of mankind. It facilitates our connection with our origin and supports profound recreation and healing. 

The Flower of Life Gong and Tuning Fork are the sonic metaphor of the creative primordial sound and therefore powerful sound healing tools.

Experience a dynamic meditative gong bath with undulating rhythms, tonalities, and vibrations of the Flower of Life Gong tuned to the sound of the creative primordial sound.

Sense the vibrational signature of sacred geometry applied with the Flower of Life Tuning Fork on your body’s energy points and benefit from the impact of retuning.

Holistic Healing Centre  -  Chora Sfakion  -  73011 Sfakia  -  Crete  -  Greece

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