In Ancient Greece, ESTIA or Hestia (Greek Εστία, pronounced Estia) is revered as guardian of the hearth fire and protector of the home. She is the goddess of the state herd and the sacred fire in the temples.

As a pre-Hellenic goddess, however, she was worshiped much earlier than the Classical period of Ancient Greece. From the moment people began cultivating a central hearth, ESTIA was worshiped as she symbolises the central hearth, around which people gather in the fire circuit, connecting to one another, building healthy communities. Only when the hearth of ESTIA was consecrated, this place was considered sacred and became home.

The spirit of ESTIA is an internal focus. She is represented by the eternal flame, symbolising not only the center of the universe but the center within each one of us. Her name means ´the essence´- the true nature of things. All change and transformation starts from the centre and thus from the inside out. The more we centre and connect to our essence, to our inner light, the more we are able to perceive what it means to truly heal.

We are at a point in history, when more than ever, we need to understand, embody and thus establish this connectedness. First we need to connect to ourselves, connecting body and soul, before we can connect to each other. By establishing a healthy link between people and cultures, we create a new cultural archetype, that centres once more the human being. 

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