Be human - stay atuned!

DIAPASON human tuning (Ancient Greek: δια πασών = through all; Modern Greek: διαπασών = tuning fork, octave) is based on the teachings of Pythagoras. It is a practice of using tuning forks in a therapeutic manner to enhance the body’s natural self-healing ability and to promote personal growth and development. Therapeutic tuning forks are a holistic tool for healing practices as they affect us at all levels: anatomically, physiologically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

In the Pythagorean harmonic cosmos, poetically called the “Music of the Spheres“, the ascension process is one of moving through different octaves that are related to the planets. 

Each octave has its own unique planet qualities and harmonies that the Greeks called modes. Modes are the basis of healing music and can be used in sound healing to create sonic spaces with tuning forks. Within these healing spaces we are able to go beyond the “rational mind”, expand our consciousness and tune into and resonate with the healing frequencies of nature.

Planetary tuned tuning forks 

Our Planetary Tuned Tuning Forks work through creating a sympathetic resonance between the planets and ourself. Aligning to the energy of specific planets, the Planetary Tuned Tuning Forks activate those qualities within our life. They are applied either within the body’s energy field or directly on the body through sonopuncture, by consciously directing the energy of each planet for healing and well-being.

The Flower of Life tuning fork

The Flower of Life tuning represents the origin of all things through sacred geometry. It is a very powerful healer as it connects us to our origin and our eternal life force. 

It balances our whole nervous system through the integration of body, mind and soul and is an ideal basis for revitalisation and strengthening our self-healing powers. 

The frequency of the Flower of Life Tuning Fork opens a gateway for deep healing. 

Craniosacral treatment

30 min. - 30 €

Full-body treatment

45 min. - 45 €

Our MEINL Sonic Energy tuning forks are tuned according to Hans Custo’s calculations of the “Cosmic Octave“. They have been designed for use in therapeutic applications.

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