Journey into the world of fragrances!

Hippocrates explicitly points out the medical value of incense and herbal scents. A careful use of natural essential oils is suitable for maintaining health, as they equally influence mind, body and soul in a positive way.

A journey into the world of fragrances allows us to learn more about the magic of nature and the effect of fragrances on our senses. The treatment consists of creating an individual scent profile, which helps you identify and solve emotional states.

Individual AROMA therapy 

Essential oils form the fragrant basis for creating a personal psychogram. The creation of an individual scent picture draws your scented personality profile and enables the determination and immediate release of emotional blockages.   

45 min. - 45 €

Full-body-treatment AROMA plus

In combination with the selection of a therapeutically effective essential oil, the ANATRIPSIS health & care full-body-treatment receives an individual thematic focus and a deep, effective healing impulse. The absorption of essential oils through the skin has always been used in massage. In combination with caring plant oils, the active ingredients of the fragrant essential essences quickly enter the bloodstream, they care for the skin and are at the same time balm for the soul.

90 min. - 80 €

Holistic Healing Centre  -  Chora Sfakion  -  73011 Sfakia  -  Crete  -  Greece

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