16 - 23 May 2020

Retreat! Reset! Recreate!

Holistic overhaul to regain 

sovereignty over health and life 

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Breathe up your Life!

Holistic breathing for female health 

and hormonal balance 

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6 - 13 Jun 2020

Back to the Roots

Connect with the primal energy of the olive tree!

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14 - 21 Nov 2020

3 - 10 Oct 2020

Breathe the Elements

Holistic breathing in resonance 

with the elemental nature of Sfakia

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20 - 27 Jun 2020

Gaia’s Dance

Dance in honour of the Devine Mother!

Traditional Greek Women’s Dances

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4 - 11 Jul 2020

A Hero’s Journey 

Theseus or how to become a hero

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19 - 26 Sep 2020

Dance the Elements!

Embody the archaic power of the elements in traditional Greek dance!

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24 - 31 Oct 2020

Elemental Balance

Establish constitutional equilibrium 

through elemental balance!

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Holistic Healing Centre  -  Chora Sfakion  -  73011 Sfakia  -  Crete  -  Greece

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