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Anatripsis is the most suitable Ancient Greek word for massage. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, first used the term “Anatripsis“, describing its beneficial effects on the body such as easing musculoskeletal problems, enhancing the lymphatic system and regulating the immune system. ANATRIPSIS health & care is a warm oil massage that also relieves pain and stress symptoms by inducing deep relaxation. It works to prevent illness. 

Since ancient times, warm oil massage also has been a means of comfort, healing and blessing on an energetic level. A touch is worth more than a thousand words. By touching the body, we are able to gently touch the soul, while the oil’s spirit takes care of transformation.

Full-body-treatment: The Queen of Oil Treatments

The full-body massage is the "Queen of oil treatments“. It gently initiates and accompanies holistic processes and enables you to experience a transformation achieved through the oil’s healing spirit and the touch of sensitive hands. Physical congestion and energy blockages are resolved.  

90 min. - 75 €

Full-body-treatment: AROMA plus

AROMA plus combines the unique therapeutic benefits of essential oils with the profound healing effects of the ANATRIPSIS full body treatment. Specific essential oils are individually chosen in order to be distributed throughout the body systems to effect change and to profit from their subtle therapeutic influence on our bodies, minds and souls.

90 min. - 80 €

Full-body-treatment: DETOX vital

This full-body-oil-peeling treatment is an energising, invigorating and toning rubbing with warm herbal oils and powdered alkaline mineral salt from eight precious stones. It is an excellent treatment to dislodge toxins that are embedded in the tissues, stimulates the metabolism, helps to increase circulation, tones the muscles and energises the whole body.

The treatment regenerates and exfoliates the skin, stimulates it for purification and provides it with a natural shine and pleasant suppleness. An alkaline facial compress and a detoxifying liver pack complete the treatment and guarantee an overall regenerating and revitalising experience.

Our alkaline detox salt is a high quality product. It includes powdered gems, such as agate, carnelian, citrine, chrysoprase, chalcedony, sapphire, rock crystal and onyx.

70 min. - 70 €

Back & Spine: Upright, Powerfully and in Beauty

To walk upright, powerfully and in beauty is a wonderful vision. This massage will dissipate musculoskeletal as well as energy blockages and enables power and energy to freely swirl up and down your spine. Muscles and the spine will be treated with care. You´ll experience deep relaxation, relief and strengthening. The full effect of the massage unfolds with the application of heat.

45 min. - 45 €

Abdomen: Belly Power from within

The belly is the center of our body and the seat of our emotions and our intuition. Hardly any other area of the body is as sensitive as our belly. Massaging the stomach’s energy centre has a calming and soothing effect on the nervous system. The solar plexus is a nerve network which acts as a link between body and soul. The gentle pulses of massage are very effective, particularly for mental stress. It activates the power in our midst and strengthens the digestive fire.

45 min. - 45 €

Face & Head: Inner Beauty

The head and face massage soothes and nourishes the nerves, clears the mind and dissipates your troubles. Let your inner beauty shine, as the beauty we are seeking here lies well beneath your skin and rises from inside.

45 min. - 45 €

Foot massage: Wanderlust

We are on our feet for a lifetime. They connect us with the power of the Earth.The goal of this massage is to walk fleet-footed and powerfully on the earth’s surface. This foot massage is more than the mere treatment of the reflex zones of the foot. It offers you the opportunity to be completely present in the here and now. 

Go for it!

                                                                                                                          45 min. - 45 €

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