As a Naturopath and therapeutic practitioner in alternative medicine, I have been supporting people with holistic therapies for many years, facilitating the connection of body, mind and soul. 

I have been trained in various methods and techniques of holistic body work, holistic breathing, expression and movement therapy as well as trance therapy, always focussing on the ancient art of healing. My work always centres the human being and aims to create safe holistic healing-spaces within which self-healing capacities may unfold from the inside out. 

It would be a great joy and honour for me to share the mystery of Ancient Greek healing arts with you, and to accompany you on your powerful and healing voyage of discovery.

Savina Chamalidis

Since my early childhood, Greek language, music, mythology and above all traditional Greek dance have given me identity, support and roots. One of the biggest challenges as a Greek is dealing with the vast heritage of your ancestors. At the same time, this legacy also can bring a great deal of joy and happiness. Its potential to boost your personal development and healing is immense. 

In my work I relate to the healing methods of the ancient Asklepios healing centres (Asklepieion), where music, dance, theatre and mythology were given as medicine for the healing of body, mind and soul. 

To share our thousands of years old teachings and healing tradition with you and to apply music, dance and mythology holistically for your personal growth and individual potential, is my utmost concern, my mission and a real pleasure. May you remain or become whole and healthy!

Thomas Chamalidis

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